PerAspera Holdings Ltd. (“PerAspera” or the “Company”) announces selection of United Sciences extraktLAB for main equipment provision for Adastra Labs.  “United Science’s extraktLAB Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment will bring superior throughputand reliability from a leader in the cannabis industry.  We are pleased to be working with the United Science team to enable fully scalable standard processor solution for Adastra Labs in the British Columbia Lower Mainland,” stated Managing Director Andy Hale.

United Science extraktLAB provides state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extraction machines, high-throughput separation systems, and other turnkey processing facilities and manufacturing solutions including formulation consulting. Their cutting-edge technology will enable Adastra to make the shift from “expert” and “artisan”  personnel to reproducible manufacturing processes. Their scalable processes will enable a foundation for manufacturing that has been designed to outperform on footprint, power and throughput.

Adastra will also be leveraging extraktLAB’s professional engineering services and technical consulting for all phases of the extraction process. Their engineering and consulting services will help Adastra create a manufacturing facility that meets or exceeds ISO and GLP/GMP-equivalent standards.

Further Information

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Andy Hale, Managing Director


About PerAspera Holdings Ltd.

In Canada, PerAspera (through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Adastra Labs Inc. and Chemia Analytics Inc.) is in the application process to become a Standard Processor under the Cannabis Act administered by Health Canada, with licences to produce cannabis extracts and provide third party analytical testing services. These licences will further enable PerAspera and its subsidiaries to produce, package, sell (wholesale), and export medically focused and recreational cannabis extract and concentrate products in Canada to other licenced entities and internationally in jurisdictions where medical cannabis extraction products are legal.

The Company’s operations includes a facility in British Columbia, Canada. The Company is developing its 13,035 square feet facility to be fully devoted to standard processing and laboratory testing by early 2019, from which it expects to produce significant amounts of cannabis oil for the Canadian wholesale medical and recreational markets.

The Company will offer a suite of unique products under several existing consumer-focused brands, including tinctures, medicinal oils, concentrates, and when legalized, gel capsules and vaporizer pens. Through acquisition of existing cannabis extraction brands and careful development of its new brands, PerAspera will be positioned to be a leader in branded, commercialized products in both the medical and adult-use markets across North America and internationally.