Cannabis through art and science

Your mission is our passion

Here at Adastra Labs we’re creating the new standard in cannabis extracts. Our ability to understand your processing needs allows us to deliver products you can trust. It takes a touch of art, a lot of science, and plenty of data.

Proudly located in British Columbia, Adastra Labs shares a state of the art facility with Chemia Analytics, our in-house cannabis testing and consulting lab. Together, we exist to provide you with the highest level of service and partnerships.

Adastra Labs & Chemia Analytics

Facility Tour

A look inside one of Canada's largest extraction facilities

At Adastra Labs, our approach is and always has been to develop our processes with efficiency, and end-product quality in mind. Our 13,000 sq ft facility was purpose built, with input from experienced scientists, who have formal education and a passion for the plant. One of our first hires, Donald Dinsmore, Adastra Labs’ QAP, walks you through our facility and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our Supercritical CO2 process because alongside quality, we believe transparency is key.

Why Adastra

We Know Cannabis

The Art

We know there is more than just science for cannabis extraction. Our business strategy bridges a gap between cultivators and product formulation. There’s an art to the process, one we’ve refined. That’s why our facilities are designed with a long-term mindset to meet GMP standards in North America and internationally.

The Science

Our extraction methodologies and industry-leading equipment are designed to meet your product development requirements. And we have Chemia Analytics, a full-spectrum cannabis testing lab, to ensure your products are exactly what you need, exceeding your compliance and quality standards. 


The People

Behind the art and in front of the science are our people, our most valuable asset We’ve built a diverse team of cannabis scientists, consultants, and leaders who are experts in quality and regulatory compliance with years of industry know-how.


Services & Processes

Our science, your business


Our service is much more than equipment and lab reports. We pride ourselves on creating premium partnerships to create exactly what you need for your business. White labeling services are available for brands who are looking for turnkey solutions or contract processing for partners to produce custom formulations.


Cannabis extraction and processing is just the beginning. Distillates, vape cartridges, nano emulsions, capsules and more… Our product portfolio contains a wide range of formulations and output, suitable for recreational or medicinal consumption.

Contact Us

Have a question? Want more information? Looking for a partner to deliver the exceptional service you need for your future business? If you're passionate about cannabis, we'd love to hear from you.

F: 844-874-9893

5451 275th Street 
Langley, BC, Canada, V4W 3X8

Chemia Analytics is Adastra’s co-located, Health Canada-licensed, analytical testing laboratory. Chemia currently provides in-process cannabinoid profiling and potency, validating and optimizing processes along the way to ensure quality and efficiency.

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