Exceptional cannabis extraction

The process to perfection

Cannabis Distillate (95%)

  • High CBD, High THC or Blend
  • With or without terpenes
  • Indica dominant, Sativa dominant or strain specific
  • For edibles and other applications

Cannabinoid Isolates (99%)

  • Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) isolated THC
  • CPC isolated CBD
  • Future isolation of other minor cannabinoids

Water-Soluble Formulations

  • Nanoemulsion for water-compatible applications
  • Proprietary or client-specified

Bulk Vape Formulations

  • Client-specified
  • Generic formulations
  • Formulated for use in C-Cell or equivalent vape cartridges

Capsule Formulations

  • Client-specified
  • Generic formulations
  • Two-part gel capsules in bulk or consumer container

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